#8020 DaDu Peak Roof Chicken Coop With Outdoor Run
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#8020 DaDu Peak Roof Chicken Coop With Outdoor Run


Color: Honey

Size: 1) S  2150*800*1200 mm ; 2) L  2460*855*1450 mm


1. Features solid wood construction and sturdy metal mesh run

2. Two-story design allows your flock to roam inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs, in the sun and in the shade for ideal comfort

3. The sliding door at the top of the ramp allows for restricted access as needed

4. Upstairs features a sleeping house with removable roosting pole and pull-out tray for easy maintenance

5. Large nesting box can be converted into two separate boxes by inserting removable divider

6. Metal grid run and slide latches protects your flocks from predators