DaDu Outdoor Timber Floor Organic Solvent Preservative
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DaDu Outdoor Timber Floor Organic Solvent Preservative


Color: Custom

Size: 25*140*1830/2440/3050 mm


1. Organic solvent preservative treatment, with currently the only organic treat machine, no metal or pollutant contained. Completely green and environmental-friendly

2. New pattern design on surface of floor board, grooves on top side help against cracking and slipping. Grooves on bottom conducts water evenly and eliminate wood's innerstress, help to keep floor board in shape

3. The new design increases utilizing effect and prolongs utilizing term, so to decrease cost of applying and replacing

4. Beautiful and elegant out appearance, finish color can be custom on your demand

5. With antiseptic treatment and new pattern design, plus top grade yellow pine material, the flooring can be used for around fifty years