#0928 DaDu Two Story Chicken Coop With Large Run
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#0928 DaDu Two Story Chicken Coop With Large Run


Color: Golden Red

Size: S  1520*620*925 mm ; M  2100*900*1330 mm ; L  2550*1200*1550 mm


1. Features solid wood construction with firm metal lattice pen

2. Large metal-grid run, provides your feathered friends with room to roam and flex their wings while staying safe and secure

3. Solid wood constructed roof upon mesh run brings extra protection from sun, rain or snow

4. Retreat area with bolt-locked sliding door, easy for you to open and close

5. Inside run fixed ramp lets your chickens move inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs

6. Front locked door easy for your access. Upper sliding window and clear window let you take a glance on your pets easily

7. Pull out tray easy for daily maintenance

8. Large nesting box can be converted into two partitions with divider inserted