#1010 DaDu Pavilion Chicken House With Outdoor Run
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#1010 DaDu Pavilion Chicken House With Outdoor Run


Color: Golden Red 


1) S: Coop with nest box 1080*750*990 mm ; Run  980x655x610 mm

2) M: Coop with nest box 1210*960*1220 mm ; Run 980*800*750 mm


1. Features Solid Wood Construction, with wire mesh outdoor run, which can be open from front door or top hinged cover, easy for your access, and comfortable  for your chickens to stretch, peck and flap inside

2. Innovative pavilion asphalt shingles roof design makes the whole coop blend in any spot of your garden

3. Large nesting box can be converted into two separate boxes with the removable divider

4. Pull out tray for fast and easy cleaning

5. Spacious sleeping house with two removable perches for your feathered companions' good resting