#0948 DaDu Big Chicken Coop With Outdoor Run
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#0948 DaDu Big Chicken Coop With Outdoor Run


Color: Golden Red

Size: 1) M  1260*1920*1260 mm ;  2) L  1850*2790*1880 mm


1. Features top grade solid wood with firm mesh grid

2. Composite asphalt shingle roof protects your flocks from weather elements

3. Two-story design with fixed ramp inside let your chickens roam inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs

4. Extra large metal mesh run allows your flocks to stretch, peck and flap

5. Spacious sleeping house and roosting pole give your chickens comfort and rest

6. Front latched door for your easy access

7. Pull-out tray for easy and fast cleaning

8. Large nesting box can be converted into two separate partitions with divider inserted